PTFE Gasket

PTFE is an acronym for polytetrafluoroethylene.It is utilized as a sealing material because it is able to withstand significantly more aggressive chemical environments, (including highly oxidizing environments). 

PTFE gasket provides excellent thermal insulation and is the most chemically resistant plastic known. It is unaffected by most corrosive liquids, vapors and gases, and conforms to both FDA and AMS specifications. 

However PTFE gasket's operating temperature, pressure and mechanical performance can be inferior to standard non-asbestos or graphite gasket materials.

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  • Yellow modified PTFE gasket sheet with silica filler is a high performance, silica filled PTFE sheet material designed for use with strong acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, and other aggressive media. You can order quality yellow modified PTFE gasket sheet with silica filler from Kaxite.

  • Modified PTFE gasket is made of virgin PTFE resin and fillers such as glass fiber to increase its mechanical and sealing properties. It is first formed into a billet, and then sheets of are cut or skived from the billet. Modified PTFE gasket is in order to meet the needs of customers to different working conditions, and reduce the cost. Kaxite research and design the modified PTFE gasket.

  • Kaxite expanded PTFE gasket is virgin PTFE to which a stress resistance has been added by means of molecular rearrangement during manufacturing. This process ensures that the molecular chains from which the PTFE is constructed,do not arrange themselves into set patterns.This means that expanded PTFE possesses no structural weakness (grain) and expands and contracts equally in all directions. Because no additives are required,expanded PTFE also possesses the unique chemical resistance of virgin PTFE .

  • Kaxite pure 100% virgin PTFE gasket is simply pure PTFE resin that is sintered to form a solid material. Compared to filled PTFE and expanded PTFE,it is the least expensive, and some of its mechanical properties are inferior to the other two.

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