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  • PTFE molded tube can be made into non-standard parts by mechanical working, also it can be used as non-sticking materials. PTFE molded PTFE tubing can be used at the temperature of -180℃~+260℃. It has the lowest frictional factor and the best anti-corrosive property among the known plastic materials.

  • Consisting of all characteristics of ptfe, which is an ideal raw material among all plastics. PTFE tube has internally smooth structure, which made it very strong and flexible. PTFE tubing consists anti friction, anti-brokage and anti-blockage characteristic. It's highly resistant to the corrosive chemicals. It also consists of good dielectric strength and good tensile strength.

  • PTFE rods may efficiently work at the temperature -200 oC- +250 oC. So it is an ideal element for the food industry. It consists of the best dielectric property. Due to this property, the rods are used in electrical and electronics industries.

  • EPTFE Joint Sealant Adhesive Gasket Tape made by 100% expanded PTFE gasket material and combined with a self-adhesive strip for easy application. EPTFE Joint Sealant Adhesive Gasket Tape can be used as a jointing on all types of flanges and can be used with almost all fluids for its excellent corrosion resistance ability.

  • Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape is an inorganic sealant for static applications made of 100% PTFE.A unique process converts PTFE to a micro-porous fibrous structure, resulting a sealant with an unsurpassed combination of mechanical and chemical properties. It is supplied with a self-adhesive strip for easy fitting.

  • PTFE gasket sheet with silica filler is a high performance, silica filled PTFE sheet material designed for use with strong acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, and other aggressive media. You can order quality PTFE gasket sheet with silica filler from Kaxite.