Pure PTFE Sheet

Pure PTFE sheet is simply pure PTFE resin that is sintered to form a solid material. Compared to filled PTFE and expanded PTFE,it is the least expensive, and some of its mechanical properties are inferior to the other two.
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  • Modified PTFE sheet are in order to meet the needs of customers to different working conditions, and reduce the cost. KAXITE research and design the modified ptfe sheets.

  • Pure 100% virgin solid PTFE sheet is featured by the best anti-chemical and dielectric properties among the already known plastics. It is also ageless, nonstick, and able to work from -180 ~ +260 degrees. PTFE products includes sheets, rods, tubes, tapes and gaskets, etc. They are molded, skived or cut from 100% virgin PTFE. It has the best chemical corrosion resistance among known plastics, without being aging, lowest friction coefficient. KAXITEB301S – Skived PTFE Sheet KAXITEB301M -- Molded PTFE Sheet KAXITEB301F -- Filled PTFE Sheet

KAXITE is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various Pure PTFE Sheet products in China. We have skillful and experienced workers in our factory. Now take action to wholesale quality Pure PTFE Sheet made in China with us.